Here are the build pages of various Dax Rushes as executed by some of the members of the DROC. Please send me details of any missing or additional ones to You will need to be a member of the DROC to be included. See the contacts page for details.

Tim Hoverd

The build pages of the current DROC webmaster.

Duncan Hurst

The build page of the first DROC webmaster, all about his 1999 Dax Rush IRS V8.

Ash Trowe

Another Oxford Blue V8 build, this time by Ashley Trowe. Ash's car is now finished and on the road.

Trevor Turner

Trevor takes us through the build-up of his 3.9 V8 in one of the most unusual colours that we've seen :-)

Darren Clark

The North-East DROC secretary's homepage

Kev Pearce

Loads and loads of useful pictures here.

Richard Warren

Follow Richard making a brave attempt on the world's slowest (but most meticulous) Rush build.

Mark Fitzsimmons

A gorgeous web page (but he is a professional) about Mark's Rush.

Andy Simmons

Andy's Cosworth Rush.

Rick de Zwart

A build page from the Netherlands displaying an alarming facility with English as well as car building.

Chris Bell

A V8 Rush build.

Chris Brice

A Quadra build site, and as such unique. The car's probably also unique in having ABS.

Thomas van Hemert

Another Netherlands build.

Bob Green

The Yob's site

David Thompson

Another blue V8 Rush

Nigel Christie

Another good looking build.

Niek de Kruijf

Another good looking Dutch build site.