Dave Ellis

Specialist Rover V8 engine builder. Also supplies gearboxes and is a good source of general information. DROC discounts available.


Zetec engine builders

John Eales

JE Developments here, who are highly regarded V8 builders.

Landrover stuff

This site is nominally about landrovers. However, there's lots of stuff about Rover V8s there.


Suppliers of Zetec performance parts, amongst other goodies.

Rover V8

All sorts of useful stuff about the Rover V8 engine


Just about the most chaotic site (albeit useful!) on the web, but still useful suppliers of Rover V8 bits. Discount available to DROC members.

V8 developments

Rover V8 parts and so on

V8 tuner

Another Rover V8 tuning site. This one looks quite good

Burton Power

Go faster kit suppliers. Curiously, their web site doesn't seem to include the phone number, which is 020 8554 2281.

Real Steel

Unfortunately they don't have a web site, but this is a truly wonderful supplier of all things for V8s, and some other bits and pieces besides. What's more, they are very knowledgeable and keen to advise. Phone 01895 440505 and ask for their catalogue.

Ashfield Motor Sport

Cosworth bits


Suppliers of everything for Rovers, including the engines.

Puma Racing

Lots of useful technical articles


Engine component suppliers