Barrie Rayner


"The car was built over 2 1/2 years and passed S.V.A and registered in July 2001. It is a Cosworth IRS in black and aluminium panelling with full Dax leather interior in black and grey. The engine and suspension detailing is in Ford Rosso red and the usual stainless and polished alloy. Tyres are Pirelli P7000 which I have found to run best at 20 PSI and front brakes are Capri 2.8i vented discs which I feel need upgrading. The engine is a fully rebuilt 1989 Sapphire Cosworth 2WD engine and fitted with Lightened Steel Flywheel - AP racing clutch and 6 paddle cerametal driven disc. Fully ported touring car spec. cylinder head matched to an RS500 inlet manifold which has grey injectors. The cams are BD10 fast road and the turbo is a hybrid unit with larger compressor. Turbo, Head and chip are by Turbosystems and designed to give 350+ BHP with power coming in progressively from 3000 RPM and running at 1.5 bar (22 PSI) boost.

The car is now run in and although I have only used power up to 4500 RPM, I have severely frightened myself on a couple of occasions (I got it sideways going up the Cat & Fiddle road on one occasion). However I love the car and the club atmosphere."

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