John Cellier


Leeds, West Yorkshire, England


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Quadra V8

Registration number:



Dark Blue


Aluminium panelling and dash. Black carpeting to floor only. Dax Hi-back seats. Dax hood, homemade sidescreens

Current state:

On road

Chassis date:


Date on road:

March 2001


4.0 Rover V8, EFI, 300 BHP, 340lb/ft


Cosworth 4x4

Front suspension and brakes:

Standard 4x4 + Greenstuff pads

Rear suspension and brakes:

Vented Cosworth & Greenstuff pads


The car was finished Mar '01 and received its first speeding ticket on its first major outing to DAX's 2001 open day. Done about 4,500 miles now, wet and dry, no major problems except the dreaded 4x4 gearbox rattle. Thinking about selling it to finance other projects, one a house extension, another a low cost Rush to bash about a bit. Due to its unusual spec (ie a V8 quadra) and its award winning build quality it will be expensive. If £25K doesn't immediately make you freak out or just laugh, and you fancy what could be the best Rush of them all, contact me.

Here's John's car under construction and finsihed. He says: "The brake pipes are stainless, tricky but worth it.   I daren't think about the hours so far to build really.  Does 10 hours a week for 2 years sound obsessive?.  Then there was the 8 months collecting and cleaning all the donor stuff.  Hope it's worth it when its done.

The car is a V8 Quadra, the third of three built (as far as I know).  If anyone fancies doing the same V8 to 4x4 marriage I am happy to give details".

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