Brake Cylinder Info

Information from Peter Walker of DJ Sportscars

The beauty of using a balance bar braking system is that, by selection  of the right master cylinder sizes and simple adjustment of the bar, the ideal braking balance can be achieved for every car.  However the permutations that are possible with a plethora of donor braking components (including various braking upgrades) and tyre & wheel size options, make it a complex area in which to give explicit recommendations.

Nevertheless, as we gain experience of individual builds, I am steadily compiling a list of master cylinder sizes and approximate adjustment bar positions for a number of applications and will be happy to discuss individual cases with any Rush owners who would like to give me a call (01279 442661).

For now, it would perhaps be useful to reiterate the basic rules of adjustment. To achieve more braking effort to one particular end of a vehicle:

If trying to achieve the opposite then a reversal of the above obviously applies.