Cosworth Engine Fitting

information from Kev Pearce

After struggling last week to get my Cossie engine into my Rush, I thought I'd share a very big lesson I learned from it. This info is also backed up by Dax as I took my Intercooler, etc to be modified the next day and found this out.

The engine mounts that are part of the chassis have a hole in them. The lower thread of the large rubber such from the special Dax Pinto/Cosworth mount goes through the hole. Getting the engine down, lined up with these holes and at the same time lining up the gearbox spline and the four bolts each side to hold the mounting arms is a real pain in the arse.

After looking at some of the cars at Dax, they ALL have slots rather than holes in the chassis mounts. They said they leave it up to the builder if they wish to cut the slots out to make fitting the engine easier. I wish they put this in the build manual!!!!!!

The real problem comes if I ever need to take the engine out...