Torque settings for 7.5" differential

by Thomas van Hemert

It took me a while to refurbish the 7.5" differential on my Cosworth Rush to be, as I didn't have the information concerning the correct torque. I found the information in the official Cosworth Workshop Manual, and it might be handy!

All torque data is in Newton (1 pound (lbf) = 1,35582 Newton (Nm)).

1. Differential backlid 45 to 60 Nm
2. Oil-filling plug 35 to 45Nm
3. Stub axles on differential 38 to 43 Nm
4. Wheelbearings (rear, 4 bolts) 80 to 100Nm

The Ford specified differential oil is: Hypoid oil, SAE 90 (Ford code SQM2C-9002-AA).


Thomas van Hemert