Information from DJ Sportscars

The tailpipe section of a DAX stainless steel side pipe assembly has been designed so that it can be unplugged from the main body of the silencer to facilitate maintenance, repacking, etc. A 50mm long hex-head self-tapping screw is provided as part of the DAX fitting kit to enable the tailpipe section to be locked into position. This should be fitted to the underside of the exhaust as follows:

  1. Fit and align the exhaust with rubber mount and bracket as detailed in the build manual, ensuring that the insertion of tail pipe section complies with the requirements of the SVA test (see Section 13 of the DAX SVA guide). Please note - the tailpipe can also be rotated within the main body of the side pipe, to provide correct angular alignment of the rubber mount.
  2. Once alignment is correct, mark and drill a 4.3mm (11/64" diameter) hole positioned out of sight, on the underside of the exhaust, 6mm forward of the rear edge of the 5-inch diameter main body tube. The drill should pass through the main body tube, through the plug in section of the tailpipe and into one of the perforated holes in the central tube.
  3. Grease the threads of the self-tapping screw and carefully screw it into position, taking care that it finds the same hole in the central perforated tube previously enlarged by the drill. Do not over tighten.