gearbox_mounting_cut_slot.jpg (76505 bytes)Ashley Trowe has a Handy Hint for those fitting or refitting a Rover V8 with LT77 gearbox.

gearbox_mounting.jpg (94196 bytes)Ash has modified the Dax-supplied gearbox adapter plate so that the hole for the Ford rubber gearbox mount is now a slot.

This helps the engine/gearbox assembly slide into place more easily as it doesn't have to be lifted over the mount's threaded stud.

A Second Opinion

by Mark Porter, DROC resident metallurgist

I did a few back of fag packet calculations last night on Ash's modified bracket, and I reckon he may have reduced its fatigue life by 75 - 80 % (i.e. it could last only 20 - 25% % as long as an unmodified one !!).

If you have already fitted a Rover V8 engine and 5 speed Rover gearbox without making these modifications it might be tricky to remove it without just scraping the top of the inside of the centre tunnel, even so my view is that the best way to remove engine and box is by drilling two 8mm diameter holes up through the bottom chassis mounting plate (through which the Ford rubber mounting bush bolts). You must drill the two 8mm holes in line with the centres of the 2 upward facing bolts which bolt into the gearbox casing . Drilling these 2 holes will result in a negligible ( < 2%) weakening of the bottom mounting plate.

Through this you can pass a 1/4" sq socket extension drive and clip the socket on once through the plate. You can now easily unbolt the two bolts to the gearbox casing.   These holes are also useful to look through to make sure the gearbox is lined up correctly when refitting the engine and gearbox assembly. They also allow you to really torque up the bolts, and to re-check them for tightness in the future.

I probably didn't explain too well but a picture speaks a thousand words so I've just lashed this up :

I have found, by using no washer and a plain nut (loctite'd on) which I have ground down so it is only 6 - 7mm proud of the top face of the upper Dax V8 gearbox mounting adapter plate, that when removing / refitting the engine and  gearbox assembly, the gearbox slides easily over the upper "ground down" stud and nut, and the top of the gearbox does not scrape the inside of the centre tunnel moulding at all.

So you can remove / refit Rover V8s without the need to remove either the centre tunnel, or the gearbox mounting / mounting plates !

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