Chris Brice has retro-fitted some Sierra head restraints to his Rush. Here are his words and pictures of the operation:

> Quoting William Turner >
> > How do they actually fit then?
> >
> There is just 2 1/2 inch (or thereabouts ) bars
> sticking out of each head restraint with a series
> of notches in them. Then there are 2 tubes in
> each seat with an R clip to locate in the
> notches. There is also a 1 inch plastic cover
> which would cover up any holes drilled in the top
> rail.
> I envisaged taking the whole assembly and hole-sawing
> it into the top seat rail, mig welding in place
> from underneath. Failing that just weld the 1/2
> inch bars from underneath.

headrestraint1.jpg (134166 bytes)Good thing about the Ford width (about 11") is that the legs don't conflict with the seat belts or their mounts. Also as they rotate about the circumference of the sort of cylinder shape, you can make up the gap when using the booster seat - made for the job!!

The 1 inch plastic cover turned out to be part of a plastic tube which I rounded off to 17mm. Even easier to fit as no welding required, just Wurthed in the plastic tubes after drilling the top rail with a 16mm hole-saw (and a 9mm socket and U/J for the outside 2).

The R clips locating in the support bar notches are a loose fit so no chance of pulling out the plastic tubes and no wear or corrosion problems

headrestraint3.jpg (166783 bytes)BTW, for those of you that I didn't mention to at PTS (the Rolling Road Day), the grey draylon IS being replaced by black vinyl! 

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