Adding an Intermittent Screen Wipe Facility to your DAX

by DJ Sportscars International Ltd.

If desired, an intermittent screen wipe facility can be added to any DAX vehicle which uses a Ford Sierra steering column assembly.

You will need:

  • the appropriate right-hand side steering column stalk assembly, incorporating an intermittent wipe position on the wiper switch
  • a Ford intermittent wipe relay (usually red in the Sierra fuse/relay box)
  • additional 8.75A automotive wire (and connectors) as detailed below


  1. Connect the switch wires from the DAX loom to the new right-hand side column stalk (with intermittent wipe position) in accordance with the original instructions supplied with the loom. Note that, with the new switch, this will leave some switch terminals free.
  2. The Ford intermittent wipe relay has four (or five) terminals. These are maked 54, 31, 31b1 and 31b2. (Some relays will also have a terminal marked P which is included to provide an adjustable delay wipe period). The relay connections should be made as follows:
  3. connect terminal 31 on the relay to earth
  4. connect terminal 54 on the relay to 53-2 on the new switch
  5. connect terminal 31b1 on the relay to 31b1 on the new switch (together with the brown/green wire already running to the 31b1 switch terminal)
  6. connect terminal 31b2 on the relay to 31b2 on the new switch
  7. where present, connect terminal P on the relay to terminal 54 on the new switch (together with the green wire already running to the 54 switch terminal). For those seeking the ultimate in luxury (!), an adjustable delay wipe period can be provided by fitting a Ford rheostat into this new wire