Chris Brice has fitted removable engine side-panels to his Rush, to ease access. Here are his words and pictures:

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.engsdpnl5.jpg (167182 bytes)

Had enough problems putting in the oil filter with no side panel!!

engsdpnl4.jpg (130514 bytes)It is probably better to first achieve a complete side panel fit before modification.

engsdpnl1.jpg (108240 bytes)Importantly I marked the side panel at the middle of the scuttle wing piping and then using a T-square marked a line perpendicular to the base of the side panel as the scuttle wing piping appears to be true vertical, but the side panel is not at right angles to it.

engsdpnl3.jpg (119616 bytes)engsdpnl2.jpg (82589 bytes)There might be a better way but I cut the side panels into three with a hacksaw, (new 24T/" blade, only one v.small chip), working from both sides.

Everything else was sanded and bonded with HV-350 which is twice as strong as Wurth, waterproof under water and brake fluid resistant!

Best Regards Chris & Susan Brice