Differential Oil Seals

information from Kev Pearce

I talked to my local Ford parts guy about differential oil seals... and he  promptly got me four right of the shelf behind him! However there are two  types of oil seals (and therefore, I assume, diameters of rear bearings) see the next little table:

Ford Part No.

Outer Diameter




approx. 64mm

£2.60 inc. VAT

For 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 petrol


approx. 72mm

£2.6 inc.VAT

For 2.9, V6 and all diesel

My rear end needed the larger size... I think there's a moral in that somewhere...

Being able to trash the seals let me clean up the bearings and see to my pleasure that they looked fine. So no new bearing kits needed, all for the cost of four oil seals.