SPAX Shock Absorber Recall for the pre-April 1998 DAX Rush

by DJ Sportscars International Ltd.

Faulty G18AP and G10AL Damper Units

spax2.jpg (86378 bytes)

The manufacture of DJ Sportscars International Ltd's coil-over damper units moved in early 1998 to a new factory. During the changeover period, it is possible that some dampers may have been supplied which are not to the correct specification.

Affected dampers will be stamped with the model identification number G18AP or G10AL (on the lower part of the body adjacent to the damping adjustment screw) and will fall into two categories:

  1. Units which show, after the model identification number (G18AP or G10AL), an AD production date code and which are fitted with silver spring height adjustment ring packs.

    Please note - some units carrying the AD production date code are fitted with ONE BLACK spring height adjustment ring which denotes that they have been inspected and PASSED OK for service. Such 'BLACK RING' units are obviously NOT AFFECTED BY THE RECALL.

  2. Units whose manufactured lengths differ from those shown in the accompanying illustration.

NOTE: This recall only applies to Dax Rushes sold before April 1998.

If your dampers fall into one of the two categories above, please contact DJ Sportscars.

Click the thumbnail to download the diagram of the correct damper dimensions.