by Brian M Johns (DJ Sportscars International Ltd.)

Production Batch ‘G18B AP 5D’

A customer has informed us of an alarming experience arising from one of the SPAX coil-over damper units that he fitted to his car. The customer reported that the unit failed due to the upper bush assembly becoming unscrewed from the piston rod – fortunately without causing any damage.

The unit was immediately returned to SPAX for examination who state that the problem was “not due to a recurring component or workmanship fault” and that they “consider there to be no concern, especially as the units were not professionally fitted”. We have no way of verifying the circumstances of the failure and must accept SPAX’s findings. However, where safety is concerned, we do not believe it is possible to be overcautious and are therefore writing to all those customers whose damper units may have come from the same production batch as the reported failed unit.

The suspect coil-over damper unit was a SPAX G18 unit which (prior to the changeover to GAZ dampers) was used on the front & rear of all DAX De Dion Rushes, the front only of other Rushes and the front only of all DAX Tojeiros. Every SPAX G18 damper is stamped with an identification code on the lower damper body, diametrically opposite the foot valve damping adjustment screw. It is only damper units stamped with the full subject production code ‘G18B AP 5D’ that need be considered. This production batch left the SPAX factory on the 3rd September 2000. For total peace of mind, we would recommend that where one of these units is identified, it should be checked for security of the upper bush assembly and for tightness of its associated locking nut.

If you have any queries concerning the above, please contact Peter Walker or myself.