Rush builder's toolbox

These pages include all sorts of hints and tips for Rush builders. Also included here is some of the additional explanatory information that comes direct from DJ Sportscars.

We are always looking for more short "how to" technical articles to add to these pages so if you have anything to add, or can suggest something that should be here, please send an email to All contributions will be acknowledged.

Each of the items here is listed in the index on the left. The most recent articles are highlighted with an arrow:

Disclaimer: All procedures on the toolbox pages are correct to the best of our knowledge but if anything goes wrong as a result of following instructions provided here, it's not our fault. What you do is what you do!

Please note that some of the information here is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have a copy of the free Acrobat reader then go to the Adobe website and download it.