BMH Museum Visit

British Motor Heritage Museum Visit

Gaydon, Warwickshire
30th June 2001

BMH notice boardThe inaugural DROC-wide event took place on Saturday 20th May 2001 when seven Rushes and ten people visited the British Motor Heritage centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire.


RushesDespite a dodgy weather forecast, we had a mostly dry day. A few cars got a bit damp on the way to Gaydon but no-one was complaining. As this was pre-arranged with BMH, we not only benefitted from a reduced entry fee but we had reserved parking right outside the main entrance.

William Turner, Graeme Green & Richard Pope examine a 1908 Grand Prix carHalf an MGB, proving that 4 cylinders are only half the story ... ;-)We were treated to a personalised tour of the musuem's exhibits and learned a lot more, both facts and gossip, than we would have got on our own. Our tour guide, John, lifted many bonnets for us to appreciate the engineering masterpieces of times gone by.

NosesEverybody had a good time and the chance for a group photo outside the museum doors afterwards couldn't be passed by!

A line-up of Rushes(From left to right: Graham Norton, Duncan Hurst, Ashley Trowe, Chris Shilton, Andy North, Graeme Green, Richard Pope).

A big thank-you to Richard Pope (DROC SE sec) for arranging the visit with BMH and to John, our tour guide, for the fascinating info.

Pictures by Duncan Hurst.