Dax Open Day 2001

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13th April 2001

Another Good Friday and another annual DJ Sportscars Open Day. Once more we were lucky with the weather which gave us mixed sunshine and clouds, but no rain.

A line-up of RushesThere was an even better turnout than last year, thanks no doubt to the favourable weather forecast. The whole length of the road outside the DJ offices was lined with Rushes one side and Tojeiros the other.

New turbo Hayabusa demonstratorThe newly-completed Turbo Hayabusa demonstrator was on display in the showroom while Gary's Fireblade-powered minimalist RushGary Sanders' own Fireblade-powered Rush was seen and heard outside. The Hayabusa car sported the new flared side-panels and a carbon fibre interior.Flared side-panels on Hayabusa car

Side-impact protection bars on Cosworth demonstratorIn the workshop, the old warhorse K300 DAX, the turbo Cosworth demonstrator, had just been fitted with the flared side panels and the new side-impact protection bars, which will soon be offered as a retro-fit option to existing Rushes.

John Cellier (right, holding cup) shows off his fantastic V8 Quadra to Tim Hoverd (left)John Cellier's brand new V8 Quadra was one of the best privately-owned Rushes there, with only 100 miles on the clock before starting out from Leeds that morning.

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