Stoneleigh Kitcar Show

Stoneleigh Kitcar Show 2000

The National Agricultural Showground, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
30th April and 1st May 2000

stonel1.jpg (71630 bytes)stonel2.jpg (77420 bytes)Sunday and Monday, 30th April and 1st May, the Dax Rush Owners Club parking area was a very busy place.

stonel5.jpg (108253 bytes)Terry Roberts, DROC secretary, was doing a roaring trade in collecting the names and addresses of those interested in further information.

stonel4.jpg (69503 bytes)Set up on a slightly soggy patch of grass, surrounded by dozens of other kitcar marques and hundreds, if not thousands, of other interesting vehicles, the Dax Rush area saw as many Rushes as have ever been collected in one place at the same time.

All flavours of Rushes were there, mostly the ubiquitous Cosworth Turbo and Rover V8 variants. The standard of build and presentation was, as ever, extremely high.stonel3.jpg (84734 bytes)

If anyone did a headcount (or should that be nosecone count?), please email us, but there were certainly over 20 Rushes present on the Sunday afternoon alone.

stonel6.jpg (149675 bytes)We were again lucky with the weather, which gave us some bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

If you have any pictures or tales of the Stoneleigh show that you would like to donate to this page, please email them to post@rushowners.co.uk. All contributions will be acknowledged.

Pictures by Duncan Hurst and Jimmy.