Donington Kitcar Show

Donington Kitcar Show 2000

Donington Park Circuit
16th / 17th September 2000

The DROC stand at Donington 2000Saturday and Sunday, 16th and 17th September, the Dax Rush Owners Club parking area was not a very busy place, in complete contrast to Stoneleigh earlier in the year.The DROC stand at Donington 2000

Terry Roberts' original UK Rush prototypeFor those who were living in a cave at the time, this was mainly caused  by the national petrol crisis, whereby many pumps had run dry and many owners didn't make the trip due to uncertain supplies near the show.Nice number plate!

Rick and Bob's V8 Rushes in the car parkA few Rushes turned up and our own Rick Clapham ventured out onto the track in his blue V8.Rick leading the pack on the track at Donington

Bob Green also took to the track in his bright red V8, but this time with a video camera aboard. You can load Bob's MPG movie clips here:

Blasting out of the pits (343Kbytes)
Taking a corner on the limit (and a little bit beyond :-) (344Kbytes)

Says Bob:

"The 'Woo hoo hoo' was as a result of a kind of double slidey "Ohmygord" where's all the grip gone?????. It was a great day, and the car did 400 miles (100 quid on petrol!!!!!!!!) with just those damn oil leaks as a problem. Each session used up about 10 litres! of fuel that is.

I'd raced there on the bike a few times and revised the gear changes etc. but it was all so different in a car. The most amazing thing was that I only changed gear three times per lap. Once from 4th into 5th down the straight, then from 5th,4th,3rd for the Esses, then it was 4th gear all the way round. I'm sure there's a faster way round but it was so nice to forget about gearchanges. The bike needed loads.

I only need three more things for the car:
1/  better brakes,
2/  more grip,
3/  more power.

Considering Bob's Rush has a V8 in it already, and super-wide tyres, more of the above should really prove a trouser-filling experience!

If you have any pictures or tales of the Donington show that you would like to donate to this page, please email them to post@rushowners.co.uk. All contributions will be acknowledged.

Pictures by Bob Green, Jim Noble and William Turner.