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Bucks and Beyond Area

Trip 2002

First of all I must say thanks to every one who turned up on the day. As I am sure you all know that was the very first meeting of the Bucks and Beyond area, it turned out to be a good lunch time gathering at the Travellers Rest. With six good Rushes and some new members, all in all a good day.

It was good to meet familiar faces and new ones whilst downing a couple of pints and having a hearty meal with it. When every one had finished eating, drinking and talking all about engines etc.… we all took a trip up to the top of Ivinghoe Beacon where we parked up the Rushes and got out to admire the view! and ‘the country side’… the rain held off and the sun shone through, as you can see from the photos on that day.

Please accept my apology for not putting owner’s names to cars, not my strong point. Next time I will make a note on the day so that I can list you all.

I hope every one enjoyed themselves, “I certainly did” so I intend to organise another meet-up there soon in the coming months and hopefully a trip to another area as well, I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon.

Words and photos by Bill Rayner